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Corruption and Party Politics affecting development of Uttarakhand

Dr. Sunil Gulati and his wife Savita Gulati with Lt Shri. Rajiv Ghandi 1988

Corruption and Party politics is adversely affecting implementation of development plans and good governance as the government being partial with Congress, its’ MLA and sympathizers. Rajiv Gandhi said “the fence is eating the crop”, therefore, need for development is not for more aid, but to see that the aid is well directed and effective.

Corruption has been handed over to the people of Uttarakhand State within 11 years of its’ existence from the Politicians, bureaucrats and babus, where it is common knowledge that even the chief minister had to be replaced because of the alleged scams that had become rampant during his tenure. The common man here has to grease palms to get files moving in every department.
The incidents of caste biasness happen and for the youth employment opportunities have not opened after 2007 of congress regime.

During first stint present Chief Minister B C Khanduri and his BJP won election with a campaign against Congress ahead of the Assembly election in 2002 and then set up the Kandpal Commission of enquiry for digging alleged scams in 2007 of previous congress regime , but sadly the probe report is yet to be given by the one-man commission ,asked to look into them. It is another thing that former justice has now preferred to resign than his report; itself is a corruption. Since now after nearly 5 years of BJP tenure, BJP cannot take political advantage for ensuing assembly election, since now people are considering these reports as politically motivated.

Before his present and past tenure, in between Ramesh Pokhriyal, who headed the BJP government in the state as Chief Minister was also riddled with a number of scams including the Kumbh scam and the hydro-electric power scam etc.

The Congress leaders, now in the opposition have been demanding a CBI probe into them, but their demands have yet to be met by the present chief minister.
The present Chief Minister B C Khanduri is trying to take political advantage for ensuing assembly election on the name of Lokayukta Bill forgetting that all parties in assembly passed it unanimously, may also be called a case of corruption.

BJP government should not create technical hurdles in the development projects of Center such as Rishikesh-Karanprayag Rail project by not taking interest for transferring land to the Railways.

GMVN Vice Chairman Quits, Blames CM

In a blow to the BJP-ruled government in Uttarakhand, Vice Chairman of GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam), Raghunath Singh Negi, handed in his resignation citing indifferences with the government on the issue of corruption. GMVN is a state government corporation that was formed to develop Garhwal’s tourism, in 1976. This latest development is yet another example that all is not well under B.C Khanduri’s leadership, and that the CM owes the public an explanation on the rampant corrupt practices.

Negi’s requests to the government were simple and justified. He had asked for the regularization of the temporary staff working at the GMVN. This was a valid call, and one that would mean job security and better benefits for the employees of the enterprise. Negi had also asked the government to take the necessary action against corrupt officials of the GMVN.

The state government, instead of considering Negi’s requests, rewarded these officials instead! The government clearly has double standard when it comes to dealing with corruption. It makes you wonder whether Uttarakhand’s much-talked about Lokayukta Bill has any value when the government is itself shielding and awarding corrupt officials.

This resignation could not have come at a worse time for B.C Khanduri. He has been very actively claiming that Uttarakhand has seen a positive shift after he took over its reins two months ago. So, on the one hand, he is trying to portray a clean image, and on the other, his actions betray his rhetoric. Khanduri has been questioned on his silence regarding the corruption issues plaguing the state during Ramesh Pokriyal’s rule. A formal CBI probe into a number of scams, in which Pokhriyal had a role, is yet to be initiated by the government.